There are currently no volunteer placements available at the Andean Bear Foundation. We hope that there will be opportunities for you to come and help with our work in the future. Thanks for your interest.
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Bear Research

Bear research: Andean bears are an endangered species vulnerable to extinction and there are thought to be fewer than 20,000 wild Andean or spectacled bears.  Little is known about the species, compared to the other types of bears.  Our two biologists are researching wild Andean bears in different areas of Ecuador.  A completed field study in the Intag region of Ecuador established the size of the bears' home ranges and helped to understand more about their use of habitat.
Andean Bear & Ecosystem Study - an ambitious research program studying many aspects of the Andean bear and its interactions with the ecosystem, with the aim of using the knowledge gained to mitigate human-bear conflict and promote conservation of the species.  Read more about the Andean Bear & Ecosystem Study.
Field Station - the base for the Andean Bear & Ecosystem Study, our field station is surrounded by prime bear habitat in Imbabura Province in the north of Ecuador, and can be visited by study groups as well as being home to volunteers.  See more about the field station.
Andean Bear / Tapir Study - a research project in the Papallacta area tracking Andean bears and mountain tapirs.  Read more about the Andean Bear / Tapir Study.
Home Ranges - as a result of our field studies and research in the Intag region, more is now understood about the space that Andean bears need to survive - information vital for conservation.  Find out more about Andean Bear Home Ranges.
Bear Capture & Tracking - this research project captures and radio-collars Andean bears to track their movements and understand more about their needs, in order to produce an effective bear conservation plan.
See more about how we capture and track bears.  
Research Interests - there is still much to learn about the Andean bear and there are research opportunities for PhD and Masters students with the project.
See topics for Andean bear research opportunities.
Bear Papers and Links - Andean bear articles and publications published by this project in English and Spanish.  Links to our partner projects and other bear research initiatives around the world, not just for Andean bears but for other bear species as well.
See the list of Andean bear papers published and links to other bear websites.  

Andean Bear Conservation Project: Bear Research
Research into Andean bears, also known as spectacled bears or Tremarctos ornatus,
includes field study in Ecuador carried out by the Andean Bear Conservation Project.

Collaring an Andean bear for research
Using camera traps to monitor bears in a field study.
Graph of research results
Field study: researcher listening for radio signals
Field research: preparing a research collar for an Andean bear
Bear research: measuring the teeth of a bear